Due to the current worldwide incredibly escalating situation of environment and society,

designer Isabel Vollrath and photographer Patrick Walter initiated a cross-divisional campaign - merging fashion, photography and classical ballet.

Inspired by Peter Paul Rubens‘ painting (1620) their vision was to represent the „falling humanity“ -

moving, dancing between heaven and hell - wearing pieces of the designer‘s archive.

The result of the collaboration is a deeply emotional imagery, demonstrating the mortality of beauty and art.





production + photography: Patrick Walter

concept + fashion: Isabel Vollrath
photo assistant: Nico Graggo
set assistant: Franziska Mölle
hair& make-up: Luca Ueding, Ella Vey, Vanessa Müller


Nadja Saidakova, former female principal dancer of „Staatsballett Berlin“

Martin Buczko, former male principal dancer of „Staatsballett Berlin“

Lia Kemendi


graduates of „Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin“:

Matheus Barboza
Matteo Andrioli
Isabell Arnke

students of „Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin“:

Rashmi Torres
Pedro Libri
Giovanni Cancemi
Patricia Radcke

production date: June 2020

studio: HVH Studio Berlin