„IL TRAGHETTO“ Autumn/Winter 2017/2018


After finishing her apprenticeship as gentleman‘s tailor, prior to starting her fashion studies at Berlin Weißensee School of Art,

Isabel Vollrath worked with Couturier Stefano Nicolao in Venice for six months.

Far away from touristic places, bridges and canal trips, far from carneval and masquerade, far from pigeon feeding, murano glass and pistachio chocolate -

residing on the 5th floor, „Corte del Tagliapietra“ San Barnaba, nearby the „Ponte dei Pugni“ - she experienced the daily life of the historically fascinating lagoon -

a timeless world without cars and bikes, a world of awesome lighting conditions and architectural marvels. The world of artists, art lovers, men of letters and musicians.
In the context of her diploma thesis, the designer had already focused on the culture and history of the „Serenissima“.

In her AW 2017/18 collection Venice is again the source of inspiration.

This time she interprets the structural characteristics of the „Traghetto“, the venezian „ferry gondola“

which offers in addition to the three main bridges, ferrying services across the Canale Grande.
Silhouettes of the boat‘s skeleton, hull-shaped elements and bow-like forms appear on sleeves, hoods, coat lapels and skirt seams.

Wowen „Palazzo Grassi“, weatherproof, waxed cottonin dark of shades of brown, ebony twill textures, bordeaux coloured fine cord and ckeckered patterns

invite to an imaginary ride across a nocturnal Venice.


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