“Isabel Vollrath`s collection CA' D'ORO is particularly outstanding.
The CA' D'ORO was once one of the most beautiful palaces at the Grand Canal in Venice.

Vollrath was inspired by this palace and the city and transfers this to her clothing.
The collection is characterized by colourful mosaics, transparent materials,  arrangements in layers, materials with prints and embroideries, folds, pleating and golden stitching.”
(Berlin Fashion Week: Anna-Lena Kramß, AMD, for creative face Magazin)



The Ca' d'Oro is a woman’s smile.
The face respires the serenity of the fortune,
and the Canale grande reflects this cheerful joy.
(Andre Suarès)

Water towards stone. Appearance and disappearance. Spices and smells. Myths and legends. Gothic and Byzantium. The unreal that becomes real.

Venice and its outstanding face.

You may suppose that it only consists of theatrical scenery, crumbling walls, sinking palaces – of lithic facades. Nothing behind. Or rubble and cinder.
With the concern to open windows and doors, to release the way to behind the scenes, to uncover a treasure, to glamourise memories and observations of past trips –

to follow the traces of Venice, its history, its people as well as its architectural construct this collection is occured:
It is an examination with the architectural and atmospheric characteristic features of the morbid lagoon town resting on wooden piles - transferred to fabrics and clothes.
It is a lucent, coloured jigsaw puzzle, a textiles mosaic, an entitiy of myth and present, personal impressions and the resultant affection to the “stones of Venice”.
It is a townscape, an homage, a dress... - an interpretation.

In Venice
Beholding the debris of the grand old genius...
I have the sensation of free life,
higher existence, ease and grace.
(J. W. Goethe)