"WATER FOR ELEPHANTS" Autumn/Winter 2018/2019


“An early morning in the tropical rain forests.

Mist blankets the rich greens of trees and plants.

A gentle fog hovers over damp russet soil.

The eyes of waking animals flicker in the undergrowth.

Slowly, the herd marches towards the dawn.”

The friendship between Isabel Vollrath and Swedish textile artist Sofia Olander is the spark that catalyzed the collection “Water for Elephants”.
Sculptural, voluminous silhouettes, opulent sleeves, and intricately crafted pocket openings serve as wearable elements of these creations.

Olander’s bright, colorful elephant-prints lend drama to the garments and underline the shared love for these gentle giants.
The application of Swarovski crystals completes the cumulative aesthetic picture of the collection.

“Water for Elephants” - an homage to the conservation and protection of elephants.


pictures  KATY OTTO